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Nestled in historic downtown Rochester, NY. Urban Euphoria, LLC is an entertainment venue residing in the palatial Jonathan Child House Mansion. We provide all event services, including but not limited to soul food catering & event promotion and private space.

It is our goal at Urban Euphoria, LLC to restore opulence & luxury to social gatherings by providing beautifully  adorned, safe spaces for entertainment & socializing.

At Urban Euphoria, LLC we celebrate moments while creating memories.

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We are Growing quick!

Urban Euphoria, LLC has quickly and successfully become a go-to event company and venue for community members.

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did you know?

The two women entrepreneurs who founded Urban Euphoria, have been responsible for fantastic growth in the first year of opening!


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At Urban Euphoria, LLC we provide beautifully adorned, safe spaces for entertainment and socializing. We celebrate moments while creating memories.


Very upscale
Braid Village
GOOGLE Review!
Great food
Seven Forty
GOOGLE Review!
Great food
Rev Pearl Smith
GOOGLE Review!
Nice place great food
PJ Lanier
GOOGLE Review!
Excellent Customer Service, beautiful establishment, strong Drinks, book with them for your next event.
Shayla Riley
GOOGLE Review!
Good food and great atmosphere! SUPPORT BLACK BUSINESSES‼️‼️🥱
Andrea Sullivan
GOOGLE Review!
Johnathan Maxim
GOOGLE Review!
I held an event here and this place was perfect for it. The atmosphere was very inviting, great customer service, very classy and elegant. Can't wait to hosts another event.
Tiffany Anderson
GOOGLE Review!
This is a beautiful place to hold an event: Quant and intimate. 😊
Brenda Pickett
GOOGLE Review!
Beautiful establishment. Very well kept. Highly professional and the drinks were on point.
Elizabeth McCuller
GOOGLE Review!
Great atmosphere and excellent service. Can't wait to go to their next event. Truly a class act.
Beulah Patterson
GOOGLE Review!
If you are looking for a clean and classy atmosphere to hold your next meeting, gathering or event, Urban Euphoria is the perfect place! The atmosphere was elegant, the food was delicious, the drinks were the truth, the music (live DJ) was on point, and the customer service was exceptional...all while being safe and practicing social distancing! I love this place!!
Jamila Smith
GOOGLE Review!
The atmosphere was set perfectly, the place was clean. Customer Service was top notch. My husband had a medical emergency and owners were Super attentive... Very accommodating & professional. I'd refer this place to anyone who wants to set a precedence and have a night to remember.
Gayla Yarbrough
GOOGLE Review!
Dion McFarland
GOOGLE Review!

This space is amazing. The 2 levels I saw were large and perfect for gatherings. I was looking for a space to have an event; I think I found it.

Coach E
GOOGLE Review!
I assisted a friend with planning an event at Urban Euphoria LLC and had a wonderful experience. Both owners were phenomenal and provided excellent, quality customer service. They were so easy to work with, stayed in communication throughout the planning process, allowed us to use whatever we needed to make the event a success, honored social distancing, masking, sanitizing, Covid-19 screening questions upon entrance, etc. The atmosphere was clean and organized throughout the event and throughout planning meetings. I look forward to hosting events at Urban Euphoria LLC again and recommend others to support this venue. Great setting for events. I wish Urban Euphoria LLC great success. Awesome Sisters to work with.
Patricia C.
GOOGLE Review!

I just love this place where you can have your events. The owner made sure I had what I needed and even helped us get our product into the room for an event. I would highly recommend checking them out to see if you can plan an event with them. Thanks for such a wonderful experience and a great time with you. 💖🥰

Marshall W.
GOOGLE Review!

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